Dave and Maya

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Where it all began

We met the summer of 2007 when I was a counselor at Foothill Horizons Summer camp and Dave was a junior counselor. I thought he was cute, so naturally I tried to set him up on dates with other junior counselor girls I thought were worthy of his good looks. Lucky for me, none of my set-ups worked out and Dave was hired to staff the following summer. On the first night of staff orientation we started talking and quickly found that we had many similar interests. We both loved Avatar the Last Airbender (a cartoon for children) and Circa Survive, which is still our favorite band to this day. We spent every minute together that we could that summer, from weekend trips to San Francisco, to after-hours hang outs, to staying up until the sun came up for no reason at all. Summer camp brought us together and will always be a very special place in our hearts.

Angela Marzuki