Wedding Party

Natalie Monterrosa

Maid of Honor

Natalie is my ride-or-die and one of the funniest people I've ever met! We have known each other since kindergarten at Lakeshore Elementary, though we were frienemies until high school when we were reunited at S.I after attending rival middle schools. Natalie was friends with the popular kids at S.I. and I.... ate lunch in the library. Fortunately for me, we bonded during second semester P.E. because we ran at the same pace. I lured her away from the popular kids and we became inseperable to the point that the principal at S.I. dubbed us "Frik and Frak." I know what you're thinking, this would all make a great TV show plot; we agree.

Michelle O'Donnell


Michelle was my first friend at Cal Poly Pomona. I remember immediately being drawn to this girl who was down for any adventure. Want to go get FroYo? Okay. Want to go to this underground hip hop concert in a shady part of LA? Okay. (Dont' worry, we made good decisions most of the time). Michelle and I did everything together and often introduced ourselves to people as "Maya and Michelle, M&M." We were roommates for three years. She's one of most sincere people around and probably my favorite roomate of all time, sorry Dave.

Megan McDonald


Megan and I also met very early on at Cal Poly Pomona and was my housemate for two years. Megan is one of the kindest people you can imagine and would literally do anything for a friend in need. One day she brought home a stray dog that she literally picked up off of the street. After some deliberation, we decided to keep him. We named him Monty, and although he was technically Megan's dog, he was the house's dog and truly (wo)man's best friend. Megan was also a psychology major, along with philosphy double major because she is smart like that, so we got to take classes together and were both in the psych club at CPP.

Margo Shine


My first interaction with Margo was during orientation to my graduate program at Seattle University. I remember her asking a question about the graduation requirements and thinking "this girl seems smart, note to self." We got coffee together (like true seattlites) and realized that we had so much in common including growing up in cool cities, loving coffee, and the same intials. Margo is one of the best listeners and overall dependable people I've ever met. Being friends with her is an extra bonus because she doubles as a life coach if you need to talk through a dilemma. These are the perks of being friends with school psychologists.

Chelsea Deitering


I met Chelsea in my grad program at Seattle U. Chelsea was not as quick to warm to the idea of being friends as Margo was. In fact, it took some persistance to gain Chelsea's friendship but we eventually bonded over our procratinator tendencies and shared love for crafting. We now spend the majority of our weekends on Chelsea's couch watching T.V. or playing board games. Chelsea is the most encouraging friend a girl could have and my go-to if I need reassurance or a second opinion. Some call it enabling, I call it true friendship.

Stephen Macko

Best Man

Aka Mr. Steve aka Cha Boi. I first met Stephen when we were both Junior Counselors at Foothill Horizons Summer Camp. I remember loving this hilarious, energetic, and kinda odd guy, and we both hoped one day we might be staff members together at camp. That dream became a reality in 2009 when Stephen was hired at Foothill Horizons, and we instantly became best friends. Our friendship would grow over the next four summers, working together, going on weekend adventures together, and dancing at any moment we could (just wait til you see him on the dancefloor). We have countless inside jokes and I remember coming home from college at any break and he'd be the first guy I'd call. I have so much love for Stephen and am so happy to call him my best man.

John Misslbeck


Aka Baby John aka Beej. John is my brother and I've known him since September 3, 1993, the day I got a lil bro. Me and John have definitely had our ups and downs, plenty of friendly brother fights, and some borderline scary not so friendly brother fights. But I remember when he got into high school, he was a freshman and I was a senior, he joined me on the school's soccer team. I became so proud of my brother when the rest of the team thought he was a "cool" guy and I was there to pump him up. Since then we've enjoyed talking sports, going to Giants and As games, and trying to beat my dad in an argument, good luck if you try! John has impressed me so much with what he has accomplished in his life already and I'm happy to share my special day with him.

Justin Vertongen


Aka J-Money aka Surfer Bra. I met Justin during my first year of college in the Camino Dorms. We quickly learned we both shared a love for many bands, that most people might not have heard of or might find a little strange. Justin is a guitarist and I am a drummer, and during our senior year I stored my drums in his garage and we would occasionally have jam sessions together. You could say music is what brought us together. Justin is one of the nicest, most thoughtful, and friendliest guys you'll ever meet. We now meet up to go on hiking adventures or to catch a show together.

Ryan O'Dell


Aka Riachu aka Gimpy. Ryan was my freshman year roomate at the University of San Diego. I remember when we were first feeling each other out the first few weeks. He liked country music, I did not, I was a science major, and he wasn't taking a single science class, but we actually turned out becoming amazing friends. We soon bunked our beds, bought a couch from Salvation Army, I brought down my Nintendo 64, and our dorm become the hotspot for our friend group. We had spent many nights playing Mario Kart way too late, and then waking up for class feeling terrible, but never regretted a single minute of our gaming time (well maybe we regretted a few times). Ryan and I loved throwing a frisbee together and laying out on the beach. He's a good ol' country boy, and one of the best friends you could ever ask for.

Matt Greever


Aka Dr. Matt aka Mateo. Matt and I first met after I was hired at Seattle Children's Hospital on to the same team as him. We quickly learned there were many similarities between us. We both wanted to further our careers in medicine, he as a doctor and myself as a nurse practitioner, we both love beer, and we also listened to a large amount of the same music. We currently have a tradition of sharing a fried chicken lunch every Friday, we call it FCF. We also routinely meet up on the weekends to play board games, drink new types of beer, and hang out with his amazingly cute son Arlo. Matt is a stand up guy and is quick to offer a helping hand, I feel very lucky to have found such a great friend in Seattle.
Angela Marzuki